Sunday, February 1, 2009

War of the dead: Z.E.R.O.- online zombie series

Not too shabby. Nice effort and great story line. I'm looking forward to more episodes.


It is the Third Age of the War of the Dead, an "alternate present" that takes place almost a decade after the first flesh-eating ghouls rose from the grave.

As with most catastrophes, the world learned to control and adapt. The seeming apocalypse of the living dead was, after several long years of military and humanitarian efforts, reduced to localized threats. The Zombie Emergency Response Operations task force (Z-E-R-O) is formed out of several government and municipal agencies to contain and eliminate zombie outbreaks.

Z-E-R-O is made up of four separate divisions: SECURITY, RESCUE, DISPOSAL, and SCIENCES. Each branch is organized to deal with very specific areas of an outbreak and coordinate with one another to better understand and/or destroy the undead.

The SECURITY branch is made up of regional "units", each of which contains as many four-man squads as necessary based on population density.

WAR OF THE DEAD: Z-E-R-O is a short, episodic series that follows a squad of four Z-E-R-O Security personnel on their various missions to destroy zombie outbreaks. They are a group of violent, dysfunctional, yet elite soldiers who are mentally and physically trained to handle the stresses of this line of work, even if they are ill-prepared to handle the stresses of life.

Though dealing with horrific, unimaginable situations, WOTD:ZERO balances the gore with humor and realistic, complex characters and storylines.

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