Sunday, February 1, 2009

What in the world is happening in Catlett, VA ?

"I found this very disturbing post on a paranormal website. Can't verify any of it but the story creeps me out, enjoy....

"At first glance, I imagine someone would probably respond to that question with a resounding "a whole lotta nothing.". Catlett is a small town in the Virginia Piedmont dotted with corn and cow farms. The few shops that are in town look deserted and run down, and the only thing that seems to show any signs of life is the Southern States railroad depot that sits nestled up to the tracks in the center of town.

Now, anyone who has lived in western Fauquier County anytime in the last 40 years will tell you that strange things tend to find their way into our neck of the woods. A "United States Army Training Facility" that oddly is nowhere in the federal record books of army bases but is still very much active and regularly being expanded looms over the town in the surrounding mountains to the west. Don't believe me? Look up Warrenton, Virginia in any type of satellite imaging service and take special note that the entire town is blurred out and chunks of the map are red and blotchy. Notice how it seems, to the north of the town, what looks like residential subdivisions are blurred out. Interesting isn't it? That's a conversation for another time and place though.

Well, for a very long time, due east of us, was the infamous Vint Hill Farms Station. Today it provides low income families with housing and is home to a large air traffic control facility and several warehouses. Driving out onto the now public land belies the glory days of this casualty of the Clinton budget cuts. If you weren't aware of it, Vint Hill was where the majority of your Army Intelligence forces were formed, along with the makings of Delta. The NSA was documented as using the gigantic antennae that still sit over the base in the active days of the base, and if you take the ongoing activity of the most high powered antenna and the presence of tinted-suburbans cruising around at all hours, someone still may be using it. Growing up within two miles of the perimeter of the base, I could never listen to the radio until I was significantly out of range. My friends and I would constantly get weird chattering signals and interference.

But this isn't about Vint Hill or the experiments that took place there, or the "Training Center" that looms over Warrenton like the spooky house in a B-Rated horror movie. The reason i'm using these places as a launch pad is to give you, the reader, some idea of the interest this area has to elements of the more covert realms of our government. This is about something sinister that's happening in Catlett, Virginia, literally ten miles either way from these previous sites. This all started when my little brother, a first year college student and really great kid, came flying into the driveway of my house two weeks ago. Tears streaming down his face, he started to explain to me that while driving down Route 28. in the middle of Catlett, time stopped. There was a bright light, and all of a sudden he was driving the other way, several miles out of town. The first thought that jumped into my mind was the missing time phenomena and it's connection to abduction; the only problem is, he had no way of verifying the time. And trust me, even though this is the first thing that jumped into my mind, I'm as skeptical as the next guy. My little brother isn't a liar, though.

After telling him to crash on the couch and that we would drive back out there in the morning, i retired to my office to try and find some answers on the internet, and maybe some clues to any past unexplained activity in the area. I found a lone .pdf detailing the abduction of two local women, but that was enough to start on. Linkage.

Scanning the pages of the document, i extracted the names of the two women it names. C. Holcomb, the woman it directly quotes the most in the text, has seemingly since relocated out of the area. D. Graves, however, it would appear, is still very much here. She is the owner and proprietor of Moonraker Equestrian Academy. After letting the pieces come together and let my imagination run wild for a bit, i uneasily went to my bedroom, set my alarm, and had a fitful sleep.

The following morning, or later that day i should say, my brother and i hastily climbed into my jeep and headed for Catlett. "This is where it happened.", he exclaimed. We were just crossing the railroad tracks when he spoke, and it jarred my memory. Moonraker was a few miles outside of the little hamlet, on Burwell Road, so i decided to turn toward it. Once on Burwell, I started getting a more clear picture of what may possibly be going on out here in the middle of nowhere. Growing up in Fauquier, I had always heard urban legends from my friends about the seemingly normal houses where no one seemed to live, but were seemingly being used by government looking types. When i saw this little black "house" perched on the side of Burwell, those old stories came back to me. I pulled over on the side of the road to take a closer look. The house was very small, and looked coated in something metallic. Not just the siding, but the entire thing. The windows looked like they had been sprayed with some sort of latex or other kind of rubber. I looked back at my brother, who was adamantly shaking his head. I felt the same way inside, but i guess the same thing that pulls me back to this website time and time again pushed me to go up to the door and knock. I did just that, and stood there waiting. I listened intently for any kind of commotion inside. There was nothing, just a barely inaudible hum, like the hum of a fly's wings but at a constant pace. I quickly shuffled off of the porch and looked down the driveway to the left, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. On the fence blockading the dirt road from potential trespassers hung a red and white sign declaring "No Trespassing" by command of the "U.S. Government". I looked at my brother and we both acknowledged what we had seen.

We never reached Moonraker that day, a little under two weeks ago. We were convinced we were stumbling on to something that was headed down a potentially dangerous road. In a conversation with my father later that day, when i brought up the enigmatic house and sign we had found, he told me coolly that the government owns property all throughout Catlett, and those signs are visible along fencing that runs along many of the surrounding roads."

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