Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Review-The Danger Run

Two very disappointed thumbs down.

For this review I was accompanied by Mr. Boo Radley (the Trickster had strep throat). I know I'm a little older than the average "Ghost runner" (The only people older than me were with their kids), but this was totally a huge waste of time, non-fun, retarded, ect ect.

The Danger run people see it like this:

"The Danger Run is a Halloween-themed road rally (a.k.a. “Ghost Run”), and the largest and most popular event of its kind anywhere in the world right in the heart of Louisville, KY! It’s a unique, fun, and exciting game that anyone can play. The Danger Run is a driving game played in your vehicle, generally in groups of two or more people. You will be given a booklet of rhyming limerick-style clues that will test your logic, perception and reasoning abilities. Each of these clues, when solved correctly, will reveal the next turn (or series of turns) you’ll make as you attempt to stay on the route we have designed for you."

Boo and I started this evening with a smile, "oh my, what a lark...the ghost run".
After a quick stop at Starbucks we were on the road (I was wing man while Boo drove).
At first things were o.k. but as it got more difficult (boring) and Boo (who's a type a+++ personality) was getting more frustrated it really turned the night into a cluster @$#%.

When we arrived at the first haunt, The Psychorama theater in Clarksville it was 12:15 , they closed at 1am, and there were about 300 people in line.

At this point we just said "screw it" and went directly to the last haunt, "Industrial Nightmares-Pitch Black and cage maze".

They a black hole. My God, what a joke. The only entertaining part of it was the clientele. Boo is writing his own review about our fellow "haunt enthusiasts".
If you are over the age of 12, please forget the Run and just go to a haunted house.

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