Saturday, October 18, 2008

Review- Baxter Avenue Morgue

Baxter Avenue Morgue
451 Baxter Avenue

What a great time. After the having the bad luck to be in one yahoo, redneck party at another haunted house we once again found ourselves trapped in a group of drunk mouth breathers that even tried to give Warren Vanderdark shit as he was telling us the rules before we went it. Mr. Vanderdark however, rescued us from the yahoos and let us go through with the party behind us. Now THAT'S service.

The house itself was full of frightening props and I love the occasional ankle grab that would send the Trickster and I off, screaming into the dark. The acting here is top rate.
This was, by far, my favorite house. The Trickster was also very impressed.

Our rating? A must see for any Halloweenie : )

On a side note (this is sister #2) we were also given discount tickets to the WAKY haunted house. We drove down to it, which is the scariest thing we did all night due to the area. Out front there were no lines, as a matter of fact there were no people to be seen unless you count the weird wino on the corner. It looked major weak so we your money people.

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