Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review of The Danger Run

Review of The Danger Run-

Lowe's - 501 S Hurstbourne Pkwy Louisville, KY 40222
Lowe's - 6651 Dixie Hwy Louisville, KY 40258
Lowe's - 1350 Veterans Pkwy Clarksville, IN 47129

ADMISSION ONLY $16.99 per person

We went to the Hurstbourne Pkwy location. There were no lines and it was easy in and easy out and we even got help on the first clues.
I'm not much into treasure hunts and have not been on a Danger Run since it was the Ghost Run years ago. But I have to say that I enjoyed the hunt.

The clues were not to hard to follow and I only slipped up once..or twice. Knowing where the Dairy Queens are really helps. Back in the day your haunted attractions would be a haunted house in a trailer, but the haunts were awesome. Can't tell you where they are or it would give you to much advantage.

I did some math and if you went to two haunted attractions it would cost you around $40 a person...but Danger Run includes:
- The Danger Run Game
- 2 premiere haunts (a $36 value)
- Free cheeseburger from DQ
- Free vampire fangs
- With 4 or more people in your car get $10 in free gas from Speedway
- A chance to win HUGE Prizes

Plus you get the fun and frustration of trying to figure out all those blasted clues. I would have to give this a thumbs up even though it is not really "our" thing. Well worth the money and time with your friends and loved ones. I give it a Twisted Sisters thumbs up.

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