Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review of Asylum Haunted Scream Park- GREAT TIME

Review: Asylum Haunted Scream Park- 3101 Pond Station Rd.

Hours of Operations 8PM-2AM Every Friday and Saturday from Sept 23rd- Halloween

Directions: From Downtown Louisville, take highway 65 South to the Gene Snyder West, Go just over 5 miles to exit 3 "Stonestreet", Make a right, go 1000ft and make another right just before the railroad tracks. Then go straight back to the parking lot.

As they say in their ad "40 acres, 4 attractions, 1 location.

This haunted venue has been a Twisted Sister favorite for the past 3 years and, once more, they don't disappoint in the thrills and chills department. Such variety....sigh. We really love the heart of this operation. These actors are fantastic. Having employees that give a damn about their job is what separates the "Asylum" haunts from the "people mover" haunted houses that depend on flashing lights and cheap scares.

This place has style AND substance.

1. ZOMBIE CITY- Very cool tour through an infected city full of freshly turned zombies. Dodging infected with the help of military/medical guides was fun and a must see for zombie fans. Very "walking dead-ish". While the "end of the world" set was cool, this was all about the actors.

2. ZOMBIE HUNTING- Hmmmmm. Cool? Not cool? A very foggy zombie shooting match while wearing safety goggles that only further minimize vision. It was very creepy to see these blurry zombie shapes rising from the fog but blindly shooting paint balls at them from behind a stand was kind of ....meh. We would love to see this tweeked and expanded. But our instructor was very courteous in explaining the rules.

3. CARNIVALE OF LOST SOULS- We arrived too late for the freak show but enjoyed the creepy tent carnival with as

sorted games such as "shoot the shit", a game were you toss T.P. rolls into toilet seats. It was really cute and the

actors running the games were very personable. It was a very small area with about 6 games and a table of zombie-esque items for sale. Again, this is something that I wish could be expanded on since it proved to be so much fun. We did however like the Zombie Trading Companies selection of ghoulish charms including remote controlled zombies and a 2lb gummy brain...don't like cherry by the mold...he has that too. See Matt for all your needs.

4. DARKNESS FALLS- Once again, amazing. 40 minutes of scares.

This haunted cross country jaunt just makes you feel like you really get all the bang for your bucks. Everything from jumps and boos to outright scream inducing terror.

William, our zombie-ish door man was an excellent start to another fantastic D.F. experience.

I have so much to say but don't want to give any surprises away.

Our favorite scares were: The evil tooth fairy, clown house, graveyard, the "flyer", the deli and something new, something that will make those who are afraid of close spaces go crazy, it blew our minds.

There was a part of Darkness Falls so frightening, so terrifying, that sister #2 ran screaming into the night, I grabbed her and held her still so that the "ghoul" could catch up and .....she bit me. She didn't knock me out of the way, she didn't hit me or kick me...she tried to eat right through me to escape.

Well done, Folks. If you can only go to one haunted house this year, we highly recommend "Asylum Haunted Scream Park". Thank you very much to Joe for the wonderful reception...we will be back again for another go this year.

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