Sunday, March 15, 2009

Magnolia Hall- Natchez MS (ghost photo?)

This is a POSSIBLE picture of a ghost. Look up at the portrait to the right of the mantel, and you will see what appears to be water damage on the wall. However, this is not damage to the wall, but rather a picture of something that is going on IN FRONT of the mirror, because if you look in the mirror, YOU WILL SEE A REFLECTION OF IT! View this photograph in the 480 x 640 size, and you will be better able to see what I'm talking about.

(NOTE: I do NOT claim that this is an actual photograph of a real ghost. There may be a plausible explantion for what is going on in the picture. For example, it could have been caused by the light from the chandelier to the right reflecting off the mirror)

Thomas Henderson, the original owner of Magnolia Hall, died on March 6, 1863 in the downstairs bedroom of his home as the result of a paralytic stroke. His body was carried out and laid to rest in the Natchez City Cemetery, but it seems his spirit never left his beautiful house. Tour guides and volunteers speak of of mysterious footsteps, shadows, and flickering lights.

Back in the blue bedroom where Mr. Henderson passed away, housekeepers would find indentations in the bed that had been made earlier in the day and the impression of a head in the pillows. It kept happening until the house manager insisted on taking on the task herself - but the same thing happened to her.

One evening when the house manager was closing up and locking the door, she felt something staring at her. When she turned, she saw a "great shouldered, shadowy figure" standing at the top of the stairs.

A paranormal investigation group came in to check the place out one evening. Six of them were standing in Henderson's bedroom, and one asked, "Did anyone die in here?" Suddenly, the outside shutters began banging. During the investigation, the light in the main parlor flipped on and off three times, and the piano started banging as if someone was pounding the keys. Another investigator sat on the bed and played the guitar to try to bring out his spirit; his friends were videotaping it, and when the tape was played back, there was a purple ball of light dancing over his head the entire time.

The Natchez Garden Club members who staff Magnolia Hall as volunteers and tour guides do not feel that the ghost or ghosts are evil, however. Rather, they believe the ghosts like to see that everything is going well, and that they are very pleased.

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