Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dawn of the dead 1978-3D treatment

George A. Romero's classic 1978 zombie flick Dawn of the Dead is being "dimensionalized" into stereoscopic 3D for a theatrical re-release sometime within the next 12 months. A company called In-Three will use its proprietary conversion technique to turn the film into 3D, a process which costs upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 per minute. The Nightmare Before Christmas has been the only other movie to similarly be converted from its original 2D format into 3D. With around 1000 3D-ready digital screens in the US, this conversion may become a huge success when it eventually hits theaters. Although I'm not the biggest fan of 3D, I'll admit that the idea of seeing Dawn of the Dead in 3D is very tempting.

In-Three's Neil Feldman justifies the idea, saying, "we are seeing interest now that people realize there will be sufficient screens to justify the cost." In-Three uses patented software tools and techniques to create a second camera image from a 2D image. Each frame is "dimensionalized," meaning that all objects are moved forward or backward from the screen or in relation to one another so as to achieve the desired dramatic effect. Dawn of the Dead's conversion is expected to be completed within the year.

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