Friday, August 1, 2008

First experience sister one

Juni's story:
We moved to 1774 Mellwood Avenue in 1973. It was about 120+ years old at the time.
The first (and most frequent) disturbance that I recall were footsteps coming up the steps but never going back down. The staircase was very old and creaked with every step. It would start at the bottom and come up all the way to the last landing then stop and start again at the bottom. I first experienced this at age 8 and the last time it happened I was 23 years old.
Smells were another problem. There were two. One smelled just like fresh cut flowers, very delicate. The other smell was excrement. Both of these scents came and went. Sometimes I would wake up surrounded by one or the other, a very frightening experience. Once you acknowledge that you could smell their scent they would usually pull back.
Shadows coming up the steps were spotted frequently. They would be blurry and slide up the staircase wall evaporating like smoke.
Everyone in the family, childhood friends and guests experienced these phenomenon.
I have spent time in a place voted the most haunted place on Earth but it didn't hold a candle to the home I grew up in.

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