Friday, August 1, 2008

1774 Mellwood Ave. Louisville, KY

I am sister number two, Micki. I was 4 when we moved to this house. What an experience to move to such a big old house. The walls and ceilings seemed to be larger than life to a 4 year old. I have had many experiences that were intense but a lot of just everyday ones that someone that lives in a house for 20 years just would become accustomed to. Here are a few of the freaky events that I have seen and heard.

My room was at the top of the stairs, the first one you come to before entering the main hall to the other bedrooms. Looking out of my room you would see the opening to the stairwell. Anyone coming up the stairs would be heard and I could always see their shadows as they ascended the stairs.

One time in high school, I came home and no one was in the house. I got some food and went to my room to read a Teen Beat magazine. I was laying at the end of my bed and I didn't hear anyone come in the house but it was a huge house. I looked out from my bedroom and heard footsteps very clearly coming up the stairs then I saw a shadow of someone with a hat walking up but never saw anyone come around the corner in front of my room. I called out "Mom, Juni?", but no one answered. I got a little freaked I went through the whole house but no one was there but me.

When I was about 5, my father was still remodeling the house. The stairwell on the top floor had not had the banister affixed to it yet. For some reason about the time we moved into the house I started sleep walking. Now I don't remember this story but my mother has told me about it over and over. She said she woke up to hear me talking and got out of bed. When she walked out of her bedroom, I was standing on the edge of the opening swaying back and forth. She had to jump across the open stairwell to push me to safety.

There have been many times that all of us, sisters and parents alike that have come in the house late at night and heard silverware rattling in the dish rack, or been sleeping and heard dinner parties going on downstairs. How about brushing your hair...laying your brush down and getting a clip for your hair and going to pick the brush back up only to see or find it across the room.

We stayed in this house for many years. My parents sold it when they retired, and I believe it was bought by a single individual. He turned it into an apartment building, a 4 plex I believe. One night one of the residents had an altercation with another resident that ended in him murdering his neighbor and then setting the house on fire. It was bought again and gutted then restored by an engineering firm that now uses it as it's home office. I have some pictures of the inside now but have to find them, as soon as I do I will post them.

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