Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evil Dead the Musical???? GROOVY!

Sister #1's review-

Saturday night sister 2 and I traveled to The Pointe Theater in Butchertown for a musical production of "The Evil Dead".
This is another feather in the creative hat of Joey Arena and company. While I loved the performance the evening was not without flaw.
Flaw #1 -Sister 2 purchased our "splatter row" tickets the second they were available. These had seat numbers printed on them so we didn't break our necks getting to the theater. When we arrived we were told that they decided not to assign seats. An email about this post purchase decision would have been nice.
Flaw #2- The two girls dry humping in the front row the entire time. We learned from a cast member that these two attention whores are famous for this kind of behavior.

Now for the good stuff....

Scott Anthony WAS "Ash". I can't imagine anyone doing a better job in the roll. He really captured the feel of Bruce Campbell's Ash while making it his own.

Felicia Corbett was adorable as "Annie" (not her regular roll. While her singing had a tendency to be pitchy in parts she really carried it off and her quick and witty recovery from an accidental "wardrobe malfunction' had the audience cheering.

Shawn Sloan won our hearts as redneck "Jake". His stage presence is amazing.

The cast was great, the music cool and the blood spraying in the air....fabulous!
All in all we had a wonderful night and I highly recommend Evil Dead the musical
Check out the website at for ticket info

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