Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dawn of the dead 2004-My take (spoilers)

I LOVED this movie. That being said, there are several extremely bad scene choices that, when removed, would have made this the best horror movie ever made.


Scene with Anna and Luis taking a shower-
The TV goes on the Emergency warning screen, wouldn't they have seen that before turning the TV off? Wouldn't you then start flipping channels to see what was going on?

Scene of everyone going to the mall-
Sister #2 brought up a good point that in this kind of zombie situation it would happen so fast that there would be no way to travel on foot at all. You would have to be in a secure location as the plague starts.

The Mall itself-
As a former make up artist I have been around malls for years and I know the doors could not take the constant beating of hundreds of hands for weeks and weeks (shatterproof glass or not). I would have played the scene like this- as they walk to the mall they notice that each entrance has a car parked sideways in front of it. C.J. could have had the guys move their cars in front of the doors when the news of the attacks started coming in. This would also account for Ben Cozine getting bitten.

The survivors-
I just felt they were not freaked out enough, they all had lost loved ones and had went through a terrifying ordeal to get there while. They are surrounded by thousands of rotting, flesh eating zombies in a location with a million entrance points. I don't think they would relax in just a matter of days and start playing games.

Nicole going after the dog-
Stupid, unbelievable, wouldn't happen in a million years in real life. 3 people going AFTER NICOLE. So unbelievable as to be ridiculous.

.....And the worst, most unbelievable plot point ever-
Leaving the mall, the "I don't want to die here" scene. What the hell????? You couldn't have got me to set foot in one of those freakin' mall shuttle buses.
How it could of played better- I would have had more characters in the mall and had the zombies pick them off one by one because they were finding ways into the mall. I would have made the mall situation so precarious that leaving was the only option.

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